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  • Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations- . Your renovation will be everything you’ve been dreaming of. Even if you aren’t sure what you exactly want, our staff will help you with design needs as well. Our tradesmen keep up with current trends and have strong industry links so they can recommend all the latest products and styles. We have close relationships with experienced tilers and cabinetmakers and can organise your renovation from start to finish, saving you all that time and stress!
  • Burst Pipes & Leak Detection- A major burst could potentially cost you thousands in damages to your home. Small leaks that you are unaware of could eventually lead to these larger bursts. This can cause you to waste 1000’s of litres of water and your hard-earned cash will literally be running down the drain! If your water bills are higher than usual, or you suspect a leak in your pipes call Mr. Mike's Plumbing for a speedy repair and recovery of your home and wallet.
  • Cistern Repairs- Have you heard of a cistern? A lot of people that live in Calgary complain about their City of Calgary's water bills, but there are still some homes in Calgary that have cisterns. Cisterns are holding tanks that you need to fill every time it gets low or you'll risk running out of water. This means you have a pump inside the tank that will pump the water into your house and you will also have some fancy tanks in your basement that will keep the pressure to your showers and fixtures in your Calgary home. Mr. Mike’s Plumbing can help repair, supply and keep your cistern running smoothly.
  • Dripping Taps -Dripping taps are not only annoying, but they can also cost you hundreds in excess water. That one dripping tap could waste you almost 500 litres of water every single week! Mr. Mike's Plumbing can fix or replace your leaky tap or ask us to complete a ‘plumbing health check’ in your home.
  • Kitchen Appliance Installation and Connection- Mr. Mike's Plumbing can assist you with connecting your ice maker in your fridge and connecting your dishwasher. Don’t have your appliances yet? Mr. Mike's can organize the purchase and delivery of your new appliances as well as the installation. We will save you time, stress and money
  • Plumbing Health Checks- Call Mr. Mike's Plumbing now to arrange one of our plumbers to give your home a plumbing health check. We will inspect everything from your water supply to your gas, to ensure that your home is safe and that your bills are staying as low as possible.
  • Toilet Repairs- Has your running toilet been keeping you up at night? Or does it seem to block up every time your guests arrive, leaving you with embarrassing paper clogs or worse? Mr. Mike's Plumbing can help! We can assess your toilet, replace faulty parts or recommend the best new toilet if necessary.
  • Toilet Upgrades- Mr. Mike's Plumbers work with a variety of suppliers so we recommend you the best make and model to suit your home and budget. We will also get you the best possible price on your new toilet.
  • Water Hammer (Noisy Pipes)- Does the house shake every time you turn on your hot tap? Water hammer is more than just an annoying noise coming from your pipes, it can potentially loosen and damage your pipes. Call Mr. Mike’s Plumbing to solve the problem before it gets worse.
  • Water Supply - With city water you never have to worry about running out of water. Your water will keep coming from your copper, pex or poly-b water line that comes up your floor in your basement and attaches to your water meter. If you look at your water meter, you will see a small dial. A simple trick to assess your water supply is to watch to see if this small dial is still spinning while all of the water in your home is turned off. If it is, it could indicate that you have a plumbing fixture that is leaking. This mean anything from your humidifier, laundry, toilets, kitchen or bathroom faucets, or water heater that could potentially be leaking. Make sure these aren’t costing you money on your water bill or leaking in your walls and ceiling which will costing you a huge repair bill. If you are concerned about your water supply feel free to call Mr. Mike’s Plumbing Calgary with any questions! We are here to help you 24-7 with all your plumbing emergencies in Calgary because we care!
  • Water Wise Plumbing and Healthier Water- Remember, at Mr. Mike's Plumbing we do a lot more than just your everyday clogs. We can help to save you money by advising you on the latest water wise products and show you ways to make your water healthier for you and your family.
  • Weeping Tile, Storm Water Installations and Roof Plumbing- Our team is experienced in all facets of dealing with storm water. Whether it’s installing piping and weeping tile, or extending, repairing and cleaning your existing gutters, piping or weeping tile.

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