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What causes a blocked sewer pipe?
June 3, 2016
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June 3, 2016
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It always gets nasty when you are taking a shower and then you finally noticed that the water on your feet does not seem to flow down the drain. It must be hairs clogged on the filter of the of the drain, so all you have to do is pick it up, then set it aside so it wont flow back to where it was. But after clearing the filter and the water does not still settle down, then there must be something big that is clogging the drain.

You might want to consider pouring in one of those liquid solutions that can usually melt down items that fell down the drain system. If still it does not work, then heavy duty electrical-operated or manual sewer snake is the only answer. Although you can easily rent or buy one of this, it may be little bit dangerous to do it yourself because it concerns a major pipe coming out of your house. Calling a professional Calgary plumber who already has this equipment and knows how to do it will be a wiser idea.

On the other hand if your shower faucet is leaking, then it must be because it has seen time and had already been over-used. This means that some of its parts have already been worn out and needs a replacement. But if your shower faucet has just been set up or has just been repaired recently and the leak can be seen only around the area of packing nut, then the nuts may be just loose and just needed to be tightened.

Some other parts of shower faucet that usually worn out easily are the washers and the O-rings of the disc, cartridge and ball faucet. You can easily do the repairs and changes yourself, but make it sure that you replace it with a high-quality washers. Keep in mind that when you buy the replacement, you have to bring along with you the item that needs to be replaced in order to get the right size.

And in case your water heater is not working, the reason could either be that the flame has already gone out or a malfunctioning thermostat. So first, check the pilot light if it is on and if it does not lit then grab the manufacturer’s manual and follow the step on how to light it up. Then turn the hot water tap on and allow it to run for a few minutes. Usually if the thermostat is working, the burner will light up after recognizing that the water needs to be heated. If the burner does not light up, then the thermostat is most likely defective. In this case, you need a thermostat replacement and unfortunately this job can be best done by a professional.

Your plumbing system needs constant and regular check up and maintenance in order to avoid any major damage. The most important thing for you is to remember that you can almost always do it yourself all the minor repairs but if your plumbing system’s problem is concerning the coming in and going out of your major lines, then you have to consult your professional Calgary plumbing service to spare you from bigger expense.