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Drain Cleaning Calgary

Blocked Drains Calgary | Mr. Mike’s Plumbing

Mike from Mr. Mike’s Plumbing has a great deal of experience at clearing blocked drains. Being based in Calgary he works mostly with blocked drains Calgary and drain cleaning Calgary.

Blocked drains are common and are inevitably experienced at some stage in most home and offices. However, this doesn’t make them any less inconvenient or annoying. More often than not, if a handyman fixes a blocked drain they’re only clearing out a subsequent blockage as opposed to the original cause.

There are many reasons that drains get blocked. A drain can become blocked when foreign material such as hair, fats, or soaps rest in one place. This slow but constant accumulation of debris can eventually cause the drain to block. Heavy rains can cause an incredible amount of leaf litter and other foreign matter into the drains. Ironically, drain blockagescaused by large storms are quite common due to drains being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of water flowing through them.

Toilets have been known to block up due to excessive use of toilet paper and we’ve even seen people attempt to flush nappies into the sewer. A blocked toilet is probably the most unpleasant blockage within the home, however Mr. Mike’s Plumbing are here to help. Occasionally a blockage is created by a the pipes themselves breaking due to shifting soils, extreme temperature changes or improper installation.

Our Blocked Drain Calgary technicians at Mr. Mike’s Plumbing specialize in all drains and blockages including sewage drains, blocked toilets, blocked sinks and storm water drains. Our plumbers are skilled in multiple methods of blockage clearing; using machinery like eels, cameras and high pressure cleaning jets, we’re sure to use to the perfect tool for the task at hand.

Our team check for the drain blockage using specialized cameras to correctly analyze the cause of the problem. In most instances, our plumbers will use the water jet to clear the blockage ensuring that no other damage can be caused by the clearing process itself. However, in a scenario where tree roots are wreaking havoc through your piping, our plumbers are expertly trained in using our drain eels without causing damage to the existing piping while efficiently clearing the issue.

Our plumbing services offered throughout all areas in the Calgary and areas around. Our plumbing specialists not only assist our customers with their blocked drain emergencies, but also advise and extend tips and tricks to avoid a similar situation occurring in future.