Calgary Gas Line Installation & Repair

Our service to the Calgary community started in 2013 and since then, our company has been installing gas lines for our clients in that area.
We are fully licensed, insured and bonded for all the plumbing needs of the consumers. We are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our dispatchers are on call all day, all night. Even when calamity strikes, we are up and able to serve our patrons.

Gas Line Supplies We Use

We only use superior products. We do our best, in most cases, to utilize flexible carbon steel in transporting natural gas from the exterior gas source to your appliances. Through this procedure – the use of flexible steel – the need to cut and piece together separate sections of the piping is eliminated, reducing the tendency for gas leakages.
Carbon steel has the ability or the additives that can resist certain conditions in the course of element exposure. Installed with the flexible carbon steel is a tracer wire that is generally used to alert the gas company when a leak takes place. For your safety, we guarantee that these lines are working as it should be.
Thermoplastic polymer comprises Polypropylene. Though it is normally used to enclose gas in the pipe, it is not ideal to use this type of piping (polypropylene) for conveying gas. Copper, an older, unwanted material, is greatly conductive making the least favorite in natural gas piping. Added to that, copper is inflexible making it more prone to gas leaks. Our company refrains from using this kind of material for re-piping, unless required otherwise.
During our visit, your home compressors may also be addressed and evaluated. It is the compressors job to open the valves, using pressure, so that gas can be released. For optimal delivery, the speed of the gas flow can be enhanced by adjusting the compressor. Our technicians can do that for you.
We guarantee that our customer’s home or establishment is secured whenever our plumbers are employed to put in a gas line. We make certain that our work area is pristine after the work is completed. We can give you the finest gas lines available safely and economically.
For years, Mr. Mike’s Plumbing has produced a brand image that boasts of excellent service at reasonable and competitive price. Because of that, we have become a respected name in all of Coeur d’Alene. We have been recognized as one of the best in the area. Supplying low-priced energy efficient solutions for the consumers is the main objective of our plumbing experts.

The Importance of Proper Gas Line Installation

Gas lines transport natural energy source to the home. Mainly, they are installed for gas operable appliances including stoves, furnaces and fireplaces. In order to be protected from gas leaks that may be damaging to the residents, gas line must meet standard qualifications. Pipes should be adequately designed to safely deliver gas to the home. Every technician should ensure that.
Whether to better the gas flow or for alternative use, we can help you in the cleaning process of plumbing gas lines. If you experience any of the following in your home, you need to avail the services of Mr. Mike’s Plumbing:

Gas Smells

Gas is characteristically odorless and colorless. But as a form of security, gas companies added a “rotten egg” smell to it. So, when gas leaks, the residents can notice it quickly. If you can smell that stench, immediately shut off the gas valve and do not hesitate to call us to deal with the issue.


This is the procedure that we will follow in case of a gas leak: First, we will shut the gas line down at the main line. Second, our technician will dig down to locate the gas line and the leak. Third, we will install a new gas line and pressure test it to guarantee that there are no leaks on it. Last, the site will be cleared and brought back to its previous state after the leak has been correctly dealt with.

No Hot Water

If there is no hot water in your home, it may be caused by any of these things: the gas line may be clogged, it may be broken and needs fixing, or the pilot light may have to be relit. Discolored flowers or deteriorated vegetation may be an indication that the gas line near it is leaking. To correctly determine the extent of the problem, contact our professionals.


One contributing factor to an erosion of a gas line is the soil type. A gas leak is most likely to occur on aged gas line. Gas leaks can happen unexpectedly, even on the time when you simply can’t afford it.

What are the Requirements for Installing Gas Lines?

The type and location of the gas line needed would determine the difficulty of installation. Though the procedure is very simple, plumbing experts strongly recommends certified technicians for accurate gas line installation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Line Installation & Repair

Installing or repairing a gas line is a complex process. Doing this on your own can be dangerous. A professional technician from Mr. Mike’s Plumbing can ensure your line runs properly and safely. After the job is done, we will perform a pressure test on your gas line to check for leaks.

A leaking gas line isn’t something to take lightly. The following are telltale signs of a gas leak:

  • Nasty Smell: Companies add an additive called mercaptan into natural gas to give it a smell reminiscent of sulfur or rotten eggs. If you notice this, check your line and contact a plumber immediately.
  • Hissing Noise: Here’s an indicator of a large gas leak. If you hear it, smelling it is inevitable. Leave your property immediately and contact a professional for a severe problem like this one.
  • Dying House Plants: Even if you have a green thumb, your plants can be affected by a gas leak. When plants start dying, and you notice either of the other two signs, you are likely dealing with a gas leak. 
  • Bubbles: You can confirm a gas leak by mixing a small amount of dish soap into a container of water. Then wipe the suspected area with a cloth or sponge. If bubbles begin forming, you have a gas leak.
  • White Mist or Fog: A cloud forming around your property is one of the most obvious signs of a gas leak. Leave your property and call an expert immediately to avoid breathing in natural gas from your ruptured pipeline.

If your gas line is leaking, call Mr. Mike’s Plumbing in Calgary today!

A small gas leak should not be ignored. No matter the size, any type of gas leak is dangerous. Even a small amount can catch on fire and trigger an explosion from another source or electrical spark. Inhalation is also poisonous.

No, you cannot use Flex Seal on a gas line. It does not resist corrosive or flammable materials like natural gases and oils.

When a gas line is cut, utilities like heat, hot water, or cooking gas are turned off. This is usually done when your contractor or utility company discovers an unsafe situation. It often occurs when a gas leak is present to prevent an explosion or fire.

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