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What causes a blocked sewer pipe?
June 3, 2016
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Plumbing Calgary Projects You Can Do Yourself

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Which Plumbing Projects You Can Do Yourself

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Mr. Mike's Plumbing  Helps You Discover How To Know Which Plumbing Projects You Can Do Yourself And Those Which Require A Professional Plumber in Calgary

If you enjoy do-it-yourself plumbing projects then there is a great opportunity for you to save money by handling plumbing concerns on your own. While there is the obvious trade-off with your time and the risk that the job may not be done 100% properly, you will get the satisfaction knowing that you did the job yourself and kept more of your money in your wallet.

There is a time, however, when you need to know when to call in a professional plumber in order to handle the situation. There are two different scenarios when a plumber's expertise and specialty are worth the time and money.

The first scenario involves obvious choices such as when you:

  •  Do not have the time to do it yourself
  •  Have an emergency, such as a broken pipe, and water is leaking everywhere
  •  Need independent documentation, such as if you are fixing a plumbing problem for a house you are about to sell and you want the new owners to know that you had the job done by a professional

The second scenario, however, requires a little bit more knowledge as to where you "draw the line" between doing a project yourself and when you need to call in the professional. Here are a few scenarios:

  • Anytime that there is a legal reason you need to call in a plumber, such as if you live in a condominium and when your plumbing problem may affect people living next door and/or below you
  •  Anytime that you are dealing with chemicals or toxic matter, such as a septic system which is overflowing.
  • Burst pipes and/or clogged pipes.
  • Anything which may affect the resale value of your home and those of your neighbors

Common situations where a plumber's expertise is called upon are pipe issues, because there often can be more damage than just the faulty pipe. In addition, replacing a water heater is not necessarily an easy job and may require a Calgary plumbers assistance.

You also should consider calling a plumber when you are installing a new dishwasher, toilet, or bathtub. Even if you decide to install any of those yourself, consider calling a plumber for a review of your work just to make sure that you didn't do anything incorrectly. The few dollars you spend may save you many dollars in the near future; and if you did everything properly then you will get peace of mind for a few bucks.

You also may consider contacting a plumber for plumbing manifold work. These types of jobs will ensure that your water temperature remains consistent throughout your home.

Finally, if you have a major leak which caused matter and/or chemicals to be exposed then consider contacting a plumber just to make sure that you properly disinfected everything. For a few dollars you can have peace of mind that you and your family will not be exposed to accidental toxins in your own home.

Hopefully these tips will help you determine where the "line" is between a do-it-yourself plumbing project and when it is time to call in a professional plumber Calgary.