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Septic Plumbing Calgary
February 28, 2022
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March 1, 2022
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All Of Your Calgary Plumbing Needs

Plumbing Services

If you need a plumber in Calgary you have come to the right place. We know everything there is to know about plumbing, septic repairs, plumbing supplies and anything else you can think of. We want you to feel confident when choosing a plumber and we know that if you choose us for your plumbing needs, we won’t disappoint you. If you’ve looked through our other service pages and didn’t find the service you were looking for, look no further. We can do it all. Some other things we cover are:

  • Drinking fountains
  • Excavation Calgary
  • Fountain plumbing
  • Gas fireplace and hearth products
  • Outdoor drains
  • Pressure tank installation
  • Root destroyer treatments
  • Slab leaks
  • Video camera inspections
  • Sump pump repairs and replacement
  • Sewer line replacements
  • Water line replacements
  • Water and gas systems
  • Anything else you may need!

Things You Should Know How To Do Around Your House

Hiring professional plumbers in Calgary to do your plumbing work is a great choice. But there are some things you should educate yourself about to keep your house safe and running smoothly. Know where your water is coming from. Know whether or not you are paying a monthly bill from your city, or if your water is getting pumped in. You should also test your water about once a year. Testing your water supply can let you know what kind of bacteria or minerals are getting into your water. Make sure your water is healthy and safe for you to use in your home.
Find your cut off valves for your washer, toilets, sinks, and anything else in your house using water. This is good to know in case of a flooding emergency. Also know where your water main is and how to operate it.
You should be able to know how to test your water pressure and how to change it. The average household should have a water pressure of eighty pounds per square inch. Another thing to look out for are leaks in your house. Check underneath sinks and toilets and washers for puddles of water or dried water spots to make sure you don’t have a leak. Leaks can cause a lot of water damage that can easily be prevented.
Something else you can get familiar with is your water heater. Know the age of your water heater and make sure it doesn’t need to be replaced. Check all the pipes attached to the water heater regularly for leaks. They typically start to leak at the end of their life.
Common household products to keep track of are your sink stoppers, toilet seats, shower heads, and toilet flapper valves. Get those replaced or repaired as needed. If you don’t know how, call us and we can take care of it for you.
If you need anything as far as plumbing goes, call us! We will know what to do and you can trust us to always get the job done right. You won’t have to worry about the problem being continuous. When we fix something, we fix it right. Let us help you with all of your plumbing needs!