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February 20, 2017
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March 3, 2017
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Free Calgary Plumbing Tips

Free Plumbing Tips

Everybody likes something free.  Here are a few tips that are sure to save you a headache or two.

  • Make sure you and everybody in your house knows how to turn off the main water feed to the home.  A leak or broken pipe will continue to run until the city is out of water.  Despite the drought, that’s going to take a while.
  • Don’t put pasta, rice, cruc  iferous vegetables, or anything else that won’t break down without sticking together into your garbage disposal.  You’ll be calling us if you do.  What did your garbage disposal ever do to you?
  • If you have copper pipes, you will eventually have to get your house repiped.  It’s not a question of if, but rather one of when.  We’ll cross our fingers with you and hope it’s a good, long while until you spring a leak, but when it happens we’ll  take care of you and go over your options.  We’ll keep the price as low as we can.  We’ve probably repiped more houses in Florida than anybody else.  And we’ll give you a lifetime warranty on your new piping.
  •  Add flushing your water heater and periodic drain cleaning to your list of Maintenance Things To Do. Once a year water heater flushing will help prevent a mineral buildup that can will start to rust out the heater.  A once every couple years drain cleaning will help keep the residue on the inside of your pipes from solidifying and decreasing the diameter of your pipes.  And no, pouring Draino down your sinks doesn’t qualify as maintenance.  It’ll just break down your pipes, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
  • Learn  how to change the flappers in your toilets.  It’s easy and may keep you from having to pay a plumber.
  • Over the years we’ve found some crazy stuff caught in toilets and sewer lines.  Bathroom tissue only is a good policy.  The old toilets used a lot of water and some you could flush a cat down (we do not advise this under any circumstances).  But, the new-low flow toilets can give you an attitude at times, so flush with care.
  • Your old plumbing that hasn’t been touched for years oftentimes is aching to break if  you even look at it wrong.  Be careful when you turn off old valves, or handling anything with noticeable rust or corrosion.  A flooded house is a bad scene.


  • Call your friendly folks at Mr. Mike’s Plumbing at (403) 520-2040
  •  if you have a plumbing problem you need attended to. We are quick, we’re reasonably priced, and our experienced, professional plumbers will treat you right.  Right now, the words in this paragraph are the same meaningless fluff every company promises. Give us a try and let us prove to you that we stand tall above the rest.  You will see that you made a wise choice by calling the Mr. Mike’s to the rescue.